Teleflex® Catheters

Dedicated catheters for addressing complex coronary lesions, making the complex simple.

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SuperCross™ Microcatheters

SuperCross™ Microcatheters provide support in tortuous anatomy and gaining side branch access.

  • Dual coil design provides excellent torque response, flexibility, pushability and kink resistance
  • Embedded platinum/tungsten coil provides enhanced visibility along the entire angled tip
  • Full-length lumen facilitates subselective delivery of contrast
  • Hydrophilic coating on the distal 80 cm for Angled Tip versions and 40 cm for the Straight and Flexible Tip versions
  • Multiple tip options: Straight, Flexible (FT), 45°, 90°, 120°, 90° XT (extended tip)

Turnpike® Catheters

This uniquely constructed microcatheter contains a robust multi-layer shaft that provides impressive flexibility, torque transmission and tracking over a 0.014” guidewire in complex coronary and peripheral interventions.

Why Torque Matters

Multi-layer shaft provides exceptional delivery:

  • Unique 5-layer composite shaft provides an ideal combination of flexibility and torque to help navigate through complex anatomy
  • Dual-layer bidirectional coils facilitate torque transmission when rotating the catheter in both a clockwise and counterclockwise fashion
  • Outer polymer layer paired with a 60 cm distal hydrophilic coating facilitates smooth catheter delivery
Teleflex Turnpike Shaft

Turnpike® Spiral Catheter

Distal nylon coil provides rotational assistance for impressive trackability

The Turnpike® Spiral Catheter has the same construction as the standard Turnpike® Catheter, with the addition of an outer coil attached to the distal 2 cm of the catheter shaft. This outer coil is designed to provide additional rotational advancement to the Turnpike® Spiral Catheter when it is rotated in a clockwise direction.

Teleflex Turnpike

Turnpike® Gold Catheter

Gold-plated, threaded metallic tip and distal nylon coil for enhanced advancement The Turnpike® Gold Catheter has the same shaft construction as both the standard and spiral versions, but replaces the soft polymer tip with a gold-plated, stainless steel tip for added rotational advancement through resistant lesions. The tip of the Turnpike® Gold Catheter has threads (in addition to the threads on the shaft) that provide additional rotational advancement when the catheter is rotated in a clockwise direction.

Teleflex Turnpike Gold
Twin-Pass® Dual Access Catheters

Access or delivery while maintaining wire position The dual lumen of the Twin-Pass® Dual Access Catheter offers access with rapid exchange convenience. This innovative design provides the ability to leave the guidewire in-place while the second lumen is used for advancement of a second 0.014” guidewire or subselective delivery of contrast or medication.

Teleflex Twin-Pass

Simple Deployment in a Dual-Lumen Design:

  • RX lumen is delivered over in-place guidewire
  • OTW lumen is used for subsequent delivery of a second guidewire or fluid injection
Teleflex twin-pass-guidewire

Supportive access for bifurcations and wire exchanges With the Twin-Pass® Dual Access Catheter over the RX wire in the main branch, the OTW lumen can be used to advance a wire into a side branch or for wire exchange.

Twin-Pass® Dual Access Catheters

Targeted delivery of medication or contrast The RX guidewire can remain while the OTW lumen is used to deliver medication or contrast to the desired distal vessel segment.

Targeted delivery of medication or contrast

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