Rules and Procedures

Compliance with laws, rules and regulations

SIPROTEC and its employees are governed by law.
Compliance with all applicable laws and regulations should never be compromised. In addition, employees must adhere to internal rules and regulations as they are applicable in a given situation. These internal regulations are specific to the Company and may go beyond the requirements of the law.

Bribery and corruption

Employees, directly or through intermediaries, should never offer or promise an improper personal or financial favor or any other type of favor in order to obtain a business or other advantage from a third party, whether public or private. Employees should also not accept such benefits in exchange for preferential treatment from a third party. Likewise, employees must refrain from exercising any attitude or conduct that could give rise to the appearance or suspicion of such conduct or an attempt to do so.

Employees should be aware that the offering or delivery of improper benefits in order to influence the recipient’s decision, even if the recipient is not a government official, may not only lead to disciplinary sanctions but also to criminal penalties.

Employees should know that it is forbidden to make contributions by companies to political parties or candidates.

Communication of illegal behavior

Employees must immediately communicate to their superiors or the person in charge of the compliance area, any practice or action that they believe is inappropriate, or even illegal.

All claims will be attended properly. SIPROTEC prohibits retaliation against any employee regarding those claims presented in good faith, in turn protecting the rights of the people involved.

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