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We contribute to improving and enhancing quality of life

Our History

Created in 2000, our organization is made up of domestic partners. Manufacturers, importers and exclusive distributors of implantable prosthetic and orthotic devices for the treatment of different conditions.

We are primarily dedicated to providing supplies to different health insurance companies.

We are committed to developing a culture of efficiency, innovation and trust. Integrity is the foundation of our business. Our company has a strong reputation for ethical behavior, and our name, our team and our products enjoy great trust throughout the country. As our success is closely related to our reputation, we all share a duty to keep it strong. Each of us takes responsibility to ensure that all of our customers trust us on an everyday basis.

We contribute to improving and enhancing the quality of life of patients under treatment through a high-performing work team, innovative products and services and the trust in our daily work. We make sure we provide a pre, peri and post service meeting all the needs and requirements of the patient and the medical team.

We are committed to upholding the principles of honesty and professionalism. We maintain a culture of openness, accountability and compliance with commitments in all our professional actions.


Horacio Tarquini

Managing Partner

Luis Israel

Managing Partner

Jorge Martillana

Managing Partner

Code of Conduct

Our business principles have been adopted by our Directors, and embody our basic legal and ethical principles for conducting business. They apply to both our employees and third parties representing us. Our Code of Conduct provides the necessary information for them to perform their daily activities in an appropriate manner. Acting with integrity is not simply about complying with legislation. People doing business with us can be confident that we will meet accepted ethical principles.


At Siprotec, we are passionately committed to providing high-quality healthcare products and services with a focus on improving the quality of people’s lives and contributing from our position to equitable healthcare access. Our mission is not only to provide products and services of excellence but also to contribute to eliminating barriers that prevent healthcare access, whether geographical or economic, through the training of professionals and the efficiency of our processes to reduce access costs.


At Siprotec, we envision ourselves as leaders in the regional healthcare products and services market, aiming for everyone to have equal access to quality healthcare regardless of their geographic location or economic condition. Our vision consists of strategically expanding our presence throughout the region, reaching new communities and being the healthcare partner of choice for individuals and families.
In each country, we strive to be leaders in healthcare transformation, working tirelessly to innovate, collaborate and empower communities to reach their full health and wellness potential. We see ourselves as an agent for positive change, inspiring others to join us in our mission to build a world where health is a fundamental right and everyone can enjoy a full and healthy life.



We are sensitive and responsive to our customers’ needs. We set and meet clear goals and standards. We offer value and quality. We strive for continuous improvement. As a result, our customers, colleagues and partners have placed their trust in us and our products.


We are enthusiastic, creative and passionate. We always seek to improve. We look ahead, anticipating our customers’ needs, overcoming obstacles and opening up opportunities. We learn from our successes and failures. We support new ideas by encouraging the creation of dialogue and exchange spaces fostering innovation and resulting in a differentiated portfolio of products and services.


We understand that trust is a cornerstone in building relationships, and we rely on listening, understanding and respecting people’s needs, being honest and delivering on our commitments. We have an upright, ethical and honest business approach.

Siprotec S.A.
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